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Daily updates available by email, or web download, at £9.99 per month so you don't have to type in any race information. Daily declarations are sent at the same time, so you don't even need a newspaper. (Weekly result updates only are available via floppy disk and normal mail). Just pick your race, pick each runner's name, select a previous run for each as a reference and the program will consult a huge database, adjust for course, weight, distance and going, AUTOMATICALLY, and tell you which horse could and should win. If you don't have time to check each horse individually, there is a 'Assess a whole day's racing in one go' button. It will assess a whole day's racing without you even touching the keyboard. All the information you will need is available at the click of a mouse button, wherever you are in the world. If you have your own system, you can export any data from the database using standard SQL. The Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file it produces can be read with a text editor, imported into Excel or Lotus 123 or transfered into a palmtop computer, like the Psion Organiser. If you follow a small group of horses, the declarations are checked daily to see if any horse you are interested in is running.



  • Front Screen

Front Screen

  • Daily Race Declarations

Daily Race Declarations


  • Horse Declarations

Horse Declarations


  • Assessed Races

Assessed Races

  • Browse Horses:-

Browse Horse

  • Browse all previous runs:-

Browse previous Runs

  • Check previous race data:-

Check Previous Race Data

  • Listing the fastest horses.

Fastest Runners


  • This was a couple of day's performance figures using the automatic option, £100 level bet. A good couple of days!


  • People e-mail me and ask about my own betting strategy. Above is an example of one strategy but I just do a plain level bet to win at Betfair. I try and get the best odds as I can. I contunually analyse all the results of 143,976 races since 1994 and tried to find the best way to use the program. Selecting the minimum and maximum difference in the ratings gives the 'signature' of the course. I'm still number crunching and will fill in the missing courses as soon as I can.
    The following links give all the statistics for each Course/Race Type and allows you to decide on the best strategy. They give all Horses, Jockey/Trainer combinations, distance, odds, day of the week and tables of the last 15 years' totals.
    Click on the link, download the text file and browse at your leisure.

over 2,400 Files for you to download and browse

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  • Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT/2000, Vista,7 or 8 available on free CD or free download.

The CD or software download is free

Click on 'Ordering Instructions' and Email me.

  • SSR1. Full system with all 1994 to 2013 (to date) hunt, flat, all weather and bumper data to date, but you have to input any new data. If you are only interested in one small class of horse (say 2yo's), this is more than sufficient and it will cost you nothing.

  • If you are busy or just lazy, can't get a UK racing newspaper or a regular daily paper, the optional daily or weekly updates of ALL race results (Hunt, Flat, All Weather, Bumper) and declarations via Email or web download at £9.99 per month (or normal post, weekly result updates only via floppy disk.)

  • If you have your own racing system, you can export any of the data, past or present using standard SQL.

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