Ordering Racing sense

The program is currently available for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 7, 8 and 10 versions and is available FREE on CD or via download.
Racing sense (SSR132) can output to a printer if you have one although this is not a requirement.
Technical backup is available by telephone, fax or e-mail at any time on the numbers below.

Best for price
: Racing sense (SSR132) is a top-quality database plus race analyser.
Prices quoted by other database programs are only for a season which means that you have to
pay double if you happen to be interested in the Flat as well as National Hunt.
NOT with Racing sense (SSR132)

The CD or download is FREE for the software and ALL previous data from 1994 to the date I write the CDs or upload the setup files.

We take Access, Mastercard, Switch, Delta, Amex, PayPal etc. for the optional updates and declarations at a cost of only 9.99 per month for daily e-mail or for normal (snail) mail (Results only, weekly). These can also be paid for by standing order so you control the payments and can cancel at any time, if you wish.

For Debit / Credit Cards, please give account number, expiry date and issue number (if appropriate) when ordering.

Debit Cards:- Visa Delta / Barclays Connect / Lloyds Payment / TSB Bank / Switch / Amex

Credit Cards:- Access / Visa / Master Card / EuroCard

By Mail (Cheques / POs / Credit/Debit Cards)
Made payable to:-

106 Berwick Avenue

By Telephone (Debit / Credit cards) to:- 07802-400425 (International +44-7802-400425

By eMail (Debit / Credit Cards)
Click here to order via e-Mail

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