Racing sense is horse racing prediction software
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Does it work ?

We have many testimonials eMailed to us from happy customers, some of which we have posted below (with the senders permission)

I've just analysed all the results of 107,000 races since 1994 and tried to find the best way to use the program. Selecting the minimum and maximum difference in the ratings gives the 'signature' of the course. I'm still number crunching and will fill in the missing courses as soon as I can.
The following links give all the statistics for each Course/Race Type and allows you to decide on the best strategy. They give all Horses, Jockey/Trainer combinations, distance, odds, day of the week and tables of the last 12 years' totals.
Click on the link, download the text file and browse at your leisure.

files for you to download and browse

Can I talk to other users?

Yes. Join our forum and share race tactics and information with other Racing sense users.

Re-launched forum. Discuss Strategies and methods.

Is there any limit to my data subscription?

No. If for any reason you wish to cancel and stop receiving data updates just let us know.

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